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Values & “Skills for Learning”

Children will be taught and encouraged to use their ‘Skills for Learning’ every day.  To be Tenacious: is being resilient; to perservere; showing grit and determination and being positive in times of adversity.  Tenacity helps with problem solving and overcoming challenges – physical and mental.  Tenacious people share their tenacious spirit.  Being Creative:  helps to solve problems and ensure we know there is more than one way to do this; creativity is personal and individual; is literal (linked to the arts) and can be about invention and enterprise.  Creative people are resourceful and can share this resourcefulness.  Being Curious is important when we are inquisitive and test new theories; is about asking questions to find new learning; is about discovery; being open minded and positive and being courageous – understanding new learning comes from mistakes. Curiousity is about being proactive not passive! Finally Collaboration is about teamwork and communication skills; working with a variety of teams and individuals in and out of school including parents, governors and members of the wider community.  Collaboration can happen in school or out.  Collaboration takes place on school trips and all these ‘Skills for Learning’ will be used on residentials!

We feel that these positive characteristics and habits of mind are not only important to display now but also in secondary school and vital in later lives and careers.