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Droxford Junior School has a published admission number of 45 and has the capacity for 180 pupils.

Our PAN (Planned Application Number) is 45 (very occasionally we may temporarily increase this to either bolster numbers in school therefore supporting admissions to our school).  This therefore means we have to split approximately 45 new Year 3 children into 3 existing classes of 15 Year 4 children.  This pattern continues in Years 5 and 6.

In September of each year the new cohort of 45 Year 3 children benefit from working alongside the Year 4 children and quickly adjust to the school ethos and routines. The Year 4 children act as ‘buddies’.  We invest a lot of time and resources ensuring transition from Year 2 to 3 is effective for children, parents and teachers.  It is imperative that Junior Schools like ourselves get to know children as soon as possible; developing positive relationships is key to learning; getting to know the children before they start at Droxford Junior School is integral to this in order to ensure the children start their journey with us, as comfortably and confident as possible.  If they are happy, safe and having fun – then they will learn!

In the mornings the children study the traditional timetable of English and Mathematics.   The afternoons are taken up with a foundation subject led timetable.  These subjects include History, Geography, Computing, Science, RE, PHSE, PE (twice a week), Music and French.  Teaching assistants work alongside teachers to provide additional support and are led by our SENCo, Lisa Greenwood. We have a colourful, well stocked school library and dedicated librarian to help with independent book choices.

Children in all year groups are set English and Maths homework (one a week on a weekly rotation basis) in books provided for them.  There is an expectation that children read a range of texts whilst at Droxford (which could be narrative, non-fiction, newspapers, instructional, playscripts, recipes, comics, poetry or graphic novels) at least 5 times a week for 15 minutes – recorded in reading diaries provided each term.  Children are also set a weekly times table task in specific books and have access to Rock Star challenge.

Children are registered at the start of the school day and dinner choices are given.  We operate an exit register at the end of the day which ensures we all (including children and parents) know how the children will be getting home once they leave us.

‘I need to be able to work well in a team now and in the future.’ Hannah