Online Account

You can now check your child’s school account online and set up reminders for when payments are due. You can also book your child’s dinners in advance!  You can also view the trips they are on and tick your consent online for day trips and events.

To access the account you will need your initial passcode which was sent out with your child.   If you would like a copy of your passcode please email and we will send you a duplicate.

There is no obligation to pay online however it is a very useful tool of reference where you can view up to date information about your child’s trips, events and dinner money account(s).  You will also be able to view money paid in at school and permission slips received where applicable.  If you prefer to pay by cheque please makes cheques payable to Hampshire County Council (HCC).

Please click on the link below.

Online Account set up and information on how to link siblings

How to set up your online account

How to set up Alerts reminders on your online account

If you have accidentally unsubscribed yourself please click on this link to re-subscribe  (this can only be activated by the account holder)