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Maths Support

“That’s not how they taught it in my day…”

We realise the above exclamation may be heard several times during any given maths homework session. Hopefully the information below can help to overcome any difficulties.

What children should know: a quick guide for parents

Year 2 Number Facts

Year 3 Maths Knowledge

Year 3 Number Facts

Year 4 Maths Knowledge

Year 4 Number Facts

Year 5 Maths Knowledge

Year 5 Number Facts

Year 6 Maths Knowledge

Year 6 Number Facts

 School Policies

Calculation Policy

Progression in Times Tables

Written Methods used at Droxford

The above policies may prove useful as a guide to the different written methods used at Droxford Junior School.

To watch a teacher model some examples of each of the different methods, please follow the links below:

Addition Written Methods

Subtraction Written Methods

Multiplication Written Methods

Division Written Methods

Problem Solving

Follow the links below for videos on problem solving.

Year 5 and 6 Problem Solving

Year 3 and 4 Problem Solving