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It is really important that you read a lot and enjoy it!

You are expected to read for at least 15 minutes five times a week. The reading diary gives you guidance and enables you and your parents to log what you have read.


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Reading Diary Front cover Aut 2013 Upper

Click on the example of reading diary above for a large image

Each week you will have English and mathematics homework tasks. Each of these should not take you longer than half an hour.

During the holidays you will be given creative tasks that you can enjoy doing with your family. These are linked to your topics.

ww2 evacuees

                         Children at Droxford Junior School, enjoying being evacuees in their World War 2 topic.

If you want to enrich your learning the internet is a fantastic learning resource.  For mathematics the Nrich website is full of investigations designed by Cambridge University.


The BBC bitesize revision site is packed full of games, quizzes and learning tips!


Below you can find detailed resources for each year group:

Year 3 Maths knowledge

Year 4 Maths knowledge

Year 5 Maths knowledge

Year 6 Maths knowledge

Times Tables