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Year 5 (current) day in school

July 16, 2020 all-day

We would like to give you the opportunity for your child to return to school for a day before the end of the school year. This will allow them the chance to touch base with class teachers, staff and friends; to see how the school is setup; to have some ‘closure’ on the year and generally have a lovely, fun day in school!

We achieved this by shortening the term for the Year 6s by a week, allowing us the capacity to have in more year groups for a day (including our new Year 3s.) We have moved the INSET day from Friday 26th June 2020 to the last day of term – Wednesday 22nd July 2020 – therefore the 21st is our last day of term.

The following days have been allocated for each year group (please note we are following Local Authority advice as Key Worker children need to switch between groups temporarily – hence the two day window between the different groups):

Thursday 16th July: Current Year 5s (Please note Key Worker children in this year group cannot be part of the Key worker group after Monday 13th July 2020 and can then return on Monday 20th for the last two days.)

Friday 17th July: Current Year 3s (Please note Key Worker children in this year group cannot be part of the Key worker group after Tuesday 14th July 2020 and can then return on Monday 20th for the last two days.)

Monday 20th July: Current Year 2s (details to follow for this cohort)

Tuesday 21st July: Current Year 4s (Please note Key Worker children in this year group cannot be part of the Key worker group on Monday 20th.)

It is optional for Key Worker children NOT to attend the class groups if this helps – please let the office know. I’m sure you can imagine this is all a little complex.
Please ensure any school property is returned on the day: library books, loaned laptops etc…and your child brings in a bag suitable to take school books and any belongings home.

Children will spend the day with their teacher/s for September (you and your child will find the class details next week – Monday for new Year 3s and Tuesday for the rest of the school). The intention is for catch up, fun, transition activities and meeting new classmates, staff and Luna! As each class will only have a maximum of 15 children from each year group, these plans will still follow current Government guidance.

The school day will be from 9 – 3:30

We will continue to follow the ‘fixed groups’ system which we have been running for the Year 6 and key worker children. Your child’s fixed group for the day will be their new class for September.

Useful information for you to have to hand…
• Children are to be dropped off, or walk/bike. Buses will not run on these days other than for key worker children.

• Staff will be positioned at several locations to help children up to school in a socially distanced way. • Children walking to school via carpark adjacent to the fire station will guided by staff ‘stationed’ in set positions.

• If parents are walking up please limit this to one if at all possible. As a reminder parents are not permitted on the school site – for obvious reasons, unless they have an urgent appointment. Please avoid driving up to school.

• Children should enter the school site via the side gate and go straight to their new classrooms. A staff member will be on duty to point them in the correct direction.

• Key worker children may join in with their year group days provided that parents are happy for them to move groups for the day. For Key Worker children please look at the days above for instructions as to when children have to be off school before moving groups for one day.

• Please note that the key worker classrooms may vary during this last week. At the end of each day there will be a deeper clean of the school by our contract cleaners who will work extra hours. • As mentioned above we have arranged for the cleaners to do a ‘deeper clean’ of the site for the period specified above.

• Children can either bring a packed lunch (no nuts of course!) or have a school packed lunch. They will need to bring a snack and water bottle in to school for the day. There will be no snack trolley. Also, please bring a hat and come wearing suncream. If your child has any urgent medication which has been sent home, these will need to be with them for the day that they are in.

• Please do not bring any other items to school.

• Your child doesn’t need to wear school uniform.

• Trainers can be worn if school shoes aren’t fitting anymore.

• Children will eat their packed lunches and school dinners together in their new class groups on the school field (weather permitting). Picnic benches and seating is provided to keep it sociable and relaxing.

• Toilet use will be rotated across the groups so that groups aren’t mixing.

• Each class group will have its own Den Building, PE and play equipment to use in their zone on the field to limit any risks.

• At the end of the day the children will complete their ‘Exit Register’ with their class teacher and then will be escorted with that teacher out of the school in a line. Some children will no doubt be met by parents and can ‘peel off’ – please alert the teacher at the time – some walk to the car park adjacent to the fire station – the rest will be escorted in small groups to the A32 where they will wait for the bus or crossed (with or) to meet their parents. •

Please ensure the same diligence and social distancing applies on return journey. All details will be shared with Parish Council out of courtesy and information sharing.

We are looking forward to welcoming back your child for the day but please note, this is not compulsory and entirely parental choice.
So we can gauge numbers, please can you reply to this email stating your child(ren)’s name(s), current year group(s) and if they will or will not be attending their allocated day.
We are really excited about seeing your children in school again.


LUNCH MENU – 16th July


Chicken grill in a bap with sweetcorn and fruit


Veggie sausage in a bap veg stick and fruit

Assorted desserts