Year 5/6 – Walk to Winchester Hill

October 16, 2019 all-day

As part of our topic ‘Precious Places’, we are learning about the UK’s National Parks and in particular the South Downs. This week, the children will have an afternoon of debate and discussion led by the South Downs Park Education Team.


In order to allow children the opportunity to put their map skills into practise and see the National Park first-hand, we will be spending the day walking from school up to the iron forts at Old Winchester Hill and back down again. This will take place on Wednesday 16th October.


Children are asked to arrive promptly and we will be setting off in groups after morning registration. The walk is led by school staff, who all have the appropriate off-site visit training. We plan to do the walk whatever the weather so please make sure your child has the following:


    • Warm layers (as certain areas of the walk are quite exposed)
    • Waterproof Coat
    • Waterproof Trousers (preferable)
    • A small rucksack
    • A large bottle of water
    • A packed lunch (including snacks)
  • Sturdy walking shoes or boots (the terrain is quite varied -from wet mud to stones- so supportive shoes are essential. Due to the distance, wellies and sports trainers are not suitable. Please do not buy anything specifically but see if you can beg and borrow if you do not own any. Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you are having trouble attaining any)


  • Hats and gloves if the temperature is due to be cold.

Please can you also ensure that your child has eaten a good breakfast as they will be burning off lots of energy!


We are very much looking forward to this trip as the views are fantastic and it is an important opportunity for your children to show physical resilience whilst learning important curriculum geography skills (plus, there is nothing quite like a ‘good old hike in the countryside.’)