Year 5 & 6 Trip – The National Gallery London

May 25, 2017 @ 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Year 5 & 6 Trip to The National Gallery in London

Letter sent out 27.04.17


24th May 2017 UPDATE

 Dear Parents,

Due to the terrible events that have occurred in Manchester, I am sure parents would wish to find out more information concerning tomorrow’s trip to the National Gallery, London.    

After lengthy discussions with county advisors, both in Hampshire and further afield; the National Gallery and its own security advisors; our travel providers; our Chair of Governors and taking advice from the Home Office – the decision has been made for the trip to proceed as planned.

Timings are the same in terms of leaving the square at 8:15 a.m.  Please ensure children have taken any travel sickness tablets they would need and have plenty of food and drinks as stated in the original letter.  It is also a normal school uniform day. 

After leaving the square our journey takes us straight to the gallery.  We enter the gallery through the education entrance, while still having security guards and bag checks, is not a public entrance and is only for schools.  We then stay in the gallery for the duration of the day and return to Droxford as planned.

I hope this answers any questions or concerns that may be raised.

With kind regards

 Matthew Dampier






Children will need to be in the school square by 8am as the coach is due to leave at 8.15 am (as a request of the coach company – in order to get us to central London by 11.00am). Staff will be in the square early and we will use the church hall to register the children and use the toilet facilities there, if required. We are due back at approximately 5.30pm, traffic permitting.  Please ensure alternative travel arrangements have been made to collect them from Droxford Square at that time.  We will notify school of our departure and we will text parents of our estimated time of arrival.


The cost for the trip will be £10.00. The children will not need any pocket money on the day.


Every child needs to bring their own packed lunch (and snacks for the morning and afternoon) in a backpack with some water. During the trip children will be required to wear school uniform.