Year 5/6 National Oceanography Centre Trip

We have a very exciting opportunity to visit the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton on Wednesday 23rd May.

The visit will comprise of a tour of this world renowned centre followed by demonstrations and talks from leading field experts on the water cycle and renewable and non-renewable energy resources; providing the perfect stimulus for ‘Our Green Planet’ topic.

Children will need to come into school as usual in the morning and we will be back in time for children to travel home as they normally would.

The cost for the trip will be £7.50. The children will not need any pocket money on the day.

Whilst there is no obligation to contribute, and no pupil will be excluded if his/her parents do not contribute, parents will realise that it is necessary to have substantial parental contributions in order that the visit can take place. However, if the costs are not met the educational visit may have to be cancelled.

Every child needs to bring their own packed lunch in a backpack, however, if your child is entitled to free school meals they will be able to have a school packed lunch, we will need to know their choice prior to the trip to enable the kitchen to have it ready on the morning of the trip, so please complete the slip below.

During the trip children will be required to wear school uniform.

Please return the reply slip, contribution and lunch choice (if appropriate) by Friday 11th