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Equality Objectives

Equality objectives 2020-2024

Our Equality objectives have been set using a variety of school data and School Improvement Plan priorities.

Objective 1

To promote diversity within our curriculum associated resources, with specific references given (when appropriate) to race, religion, gender, SEND and different family models.

Objective 2

Include the ‘Two Ticks’ positive about people with disabilities symbol on all job adverts, application forms and information and ensure all staff and governors involved with recruitment take part in awareness training based on equal opportunities and non-discrimination.

Objective 3

Teach specific strategies to ensure children use their ‘Skills for Learning’, Growth Mindset and Zones of Regulation to overcome challenge and become more resilient.

Objective 4

To increase participation of girls in competitive team sports.

Objective 5

Increase proportion of disadvantaged children attending extended school activities, trips and residentials.