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Starting early in 2019, this year’s team practiced hard in all types of weather. We designed a completely new car body, incorporating artwork from all the children, and changed parts of the car to maximise peformance. After a wet and windy start at the first event at HMS Excellent, we then went on to compete at Petworth on a lovely summer’s day. The final event took place at Glorious Goodwood – a fantastic end to the season at this iconic venue!

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Team Drox at Goodwood – 9th July 2017

The lap of honour at Goodwood!

Team Drox at HMS Excellent – 11th March 2017

It was the day, it was the moment! The day of the competition for go-karts across Southern England.  Twenty other teams had brought their electric karts to race with us at HMS Excellent.  Our car is called the Drox and it is black with violent orange flames.

As we made our way along the bridge to get to Whale Island we were greeted by a man in military uniform who gave us directions to park our car. We found a spot to park in and left our car.

Slowly, we entered the venue for racing. I spotted the Drox and raced towards it, leaving my family behind.  Not long after, Flynn and his Dad arrived with the team’s T shirts and overalls that his Aunt had given the group.  Everybody quickly pulled on their clothes because there was a hard decision to think about and come up with a solution for.  We had to choose who would do the sprint (the most important race) between Andrew, Sam and Charlie Caister.  Eventually, we decided on Sam Harris – we had our fingers crossed.

Next we had to push the car up to the start line for the drag race. Daisy was up first and……….she won against one of the other schools.  Next up was Flynn, who had pushed Daisy, in the slalom.  This race was timed rather than against somebody and he stopped perfectly in the box at the end.

Jumping into the car, I was ready to race next. Sam was pushing me and gave me a lucky pat on the head.  3…..2……1…..Go!  I raced off, far ahead of my opponent – I was winning.  I couldn’t believe it.  After me was Oliver and Louis, then the two Charlies, then Ethan and Andrew and finally Ben and Angus.  No cones were hit and we won all of our drag races.

Me and Sam’s job was to tell everybody who was next to race. Disaster strikes when the organiser tells us that one of our six drag races wasn’t timed so we sent Angus to do it again for us.

The sprint race was really exciting. We beat other teams in the first heat then we were in the semi-final against a bright blue car.  Sam drove really well but the other car crashed into us and then only just beat us.  After the race we noticed some of their blue paint had come off on our wheels! It was over.

Awards were given out and we came third in the slalom and we got an award for participating so we didn’t go home empty handed but there again we didn’t win the whole thing. The car called ‘Juiced up’ won.

I am excited to participate in the next event at Goodwood in the summer.

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