Curriculum statement

Our school curriculum is made up of a web of knowledge, skills, concepts, problem solving, enquiry and contextual connections. Through our curriculum and national expectations, to the enrichment of school trips, residentials and school clubs we weave meaningful contexts in order to enable our children with the tools and strategies to overcome the challenges of their next stages of learning and life. We aim for our children to enjoy, excel and be motivated and inspired in a wonderful learning environment.

Our children are engaged, happy and safe. This platform enables them to respond to the challenges of a 21st century education and life-long challenges. They are encouraged to respond to the moral, social and cultural expectations beyond the National Curriculum through tenacity, determination, positive mindsets and reflection. They debate the issues of the past, present and future with informed maturity and respect and understand the need for tolerance, stewardship, values and understanding. And we are very proud of them.

Droxford Local Authority Curriculum Conference

Our School Curriculum South Downs National Park perspective

 As you maybe aware there is a new National Curriculum (more details about this and how this could affect your child’s learning can be found at the bottom of this page) and the links below show how we at Droxford Junior School have gone about organising our curriculum accordingly.  Click on the appropriate link to access your child’s curriculum.

2016 National Curriculum Tests – Information for parents

Year 2 Curriculum evening

Year 3 & 4 2018.19 Curriculum

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Curricular link for LS Summer 2019 cycle b

Year 5 & 6 2018.19 Curriculum

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Curricular activity summer 2019

There have been some changes to what your child is expected to know and understand as well utilising specific skills at the same time.  The following information from “Rising Stars” highlights the changes in each year group.

Year 3           Year 4           Year 5

The National Curriculum

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the school office.