Places Available


There are lots of lunchtime and after school clubs for you to enjoy. We would like everyone to take part in clubs after school.  We want you to be active!

Each term your parents can sign you up for different activities. The programme is organised by the extended school co-ordinator Mr Duncan Banham.

For all information on clubs, timings, costs and application procedures, please contact: Mr Duncan Banham

After school clubs letter and enrolment form 

Extra-curricular Activity Policy Agreement

Xtra Active flyers – Dodgeball Yrs 5 & 6  – Basketball – Football

Judo club information and enrolment form

Stem Club

If you need any further information, or if you have any club queries, however small, please email Duncan Banham at

Plan B:

Please ensure that your child knows which club they are attending and on which afternoon. In addition, discuss a back-up plan with your child in case they find themselves in the wrong place eg on the bus when they should have been in a club. Remind them that the school reception is the safe place to go if they are still in school. If your child will not be attending a club we need the authorisation from a parent/carer and information on how they are getting home.