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How to download our calendar and synchronise

You have 3 options:
1. You can add listed individual events to your own calendar. Select the event and then click on:
2. You can limit a calendar to the events relevant to you and your child/children – if for example you don’t want to see entries that only apply to other years. If you want to do this, first click on the ‘categories’ tab at the top of the calendar and select all those you want to appear in your calendar. This will filter out all other events not relevant to you.
Then follow the instructions below. 
3. You can also download the complete calendar – just do not select any categories. Then follow the instructions below.

To download:
Scroll to the bottom of the calendar below and click on 

Then select the appropriate format from the menu shown. This will take you through a simple process to download and add to your calendar program with the option to automatically update. So as our office team update the school calendar this will update on your calendar. How quickly any changes are made on your calendar will depend on your device and how often it synchronises online. 

Once you have downloaded our calendar you may want to rename it so that it is easily recognisable to you.

As this is a ‘view only’ calendar on your device, you are not able to delete entries. However you can check / uncheck this calendar in your calendar settings to choose when you want to view the events.