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PE & Sports Newsletter Summer 2017

PE & Sports Newsletter Spring 2017

Years 5 & 6 Cross Country

Well done to all of the cross country runners who competed at Mallards Moor in Hamble on the 11th October 2016. Everyone involved were great ambassadors to the school with their fantastic efforts.

photo-1         phtoo-2     photo-3

Special mentions go out to;

Meriel Jones (Year 5) who came 3rd in her race.

Yve Berwick (Year 6) and Charlie Caister (Year 5) who came 4th in their races.

All year 5 boys who came first and the year 6 boys who came third in the team events.

 Physical Education at Droxford Junior School

For new parents to the school and to update existing parents, this is our current position statement on PE in school.

In January 2015 I approached a sports coaching company to help me organise lunchtime activities and develop PE teaching in curriculum time. Mr Banham was contracted to the school after obtaining a first class honours degree in PE from Chichester University.

Mr Banham developed a great relationship with both teachers and pupils at the school and, in the 2016 summer term, was offered a permanent position as Droxford’s Sports Coach – a role that has continued to develop. With the departure of both Mrs Walker and Mrs Wright, Mr Banham has since taken on the responsibility of Head of PE, School Sport and Extra-Curricular clubs. As Mr Banham’s position in the school is currently part time, he has also started his own company (Xtra Active), who are one of the main providers of our after-school clubs and holiday courses.

This is very positive for the school as we are able to insist on cohesive organisation, high expectations in terms of standards that we are accustomed to, and a greater range of clubs offered. The school maintains the insistence that this range of clubs is either free or paid for and that the timetable will alter throughout the year.  We are grateful to staff who give up their planning, marking and assessment time to lead clubs.  We are also proud to offer as many clubs as we do and more are free than previous.  Mr Banham will also work closely with myself to ensure our competitive commitments continue and our profile is as high as it has ever been at local and county levels.

If you are interested in supporting the school, perhaps with running a club or doing some coaching then please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Dampier or Mr Banham or leave a message in the school office.

Finally it is great to see you support your children and the school, throughout the year – in all weathers – at all the competitive tournaments and competitive fixtures. We all appreciate your endeavours!

Netball Champions!

Netball News

This year, the talent and enthusaiam shown by all the Year 6 netball squad has been a joy to witness. Having already won the local Swanmore Schools tournament, we were thrilled to enter one of our teams into another local ‘Omega schools’ tournament at Wickham Primary.  An excellent afternoon of teamwork and excellent play led to a great victory.  Fantastic!

Netball champions1

On the same afternoon, our other team travelled to Wildern to take part in the Level 2 School Games tournament.  The talent and determination displayed by all was an inspiration to watch.  As a result of winning the tournament, the team have made it through to the Hampshire School Games on 30th June.  This is a first for Droxford – well done, guys!

Netball champions2.png

Swimming event

Netball Champions

Netball Champions 2016

The Girls Football Team

Girls football team

Congratulations to The Girl’s Football Team who made it to the final!

On the 2nd of March Droxford Junior School’s Year Five and Six girl’s football team went to a tournament at Wickham Primary School. We went up against 8 other teams from different schools around the Meon Valley.

To start off, the schools played some friendly matches to get warmed up and to play against the other teams.

Once we had played the friendlies, we found out who we were playing against first: Wickham Year 4 team. Although we were playing against Year 4s, we didn’t let ourselves get complacent. In the first twenty seconds we scored our first goal!  After that we scored another 4 goals with the help from the defenders keeping the ball near the other team’s goal and the attackers helping each other to score.  We were through to the next knockout stage against Bishops Waltham.

After winning against the Wickham Year 4 team, we knew that we had to keep up what we were doing to win against Bishops Waltham. Walking on to the pitch, we stood in our starting placing ready to win this match. Calla and Poppy took the ball first and kicked it to each other, then back to Sophie. Taking the ball up the pitch, towards Bishops Waltham’s goal, we tried to kick the ball into the goal but failed a few times. 1 minute later, Georgia came running down and touched the ball; it hit the post and rolled into the goal. Playing for 8 minutes it was 1-0 to Droxford. We had won against Bishops Waltham (which was unexpected), and were through to the Final….

Everyone was really thrilled with our performances when we had realised we were through to the final against Swanmore – our rivals! The game started out with everyone a bit apprehensive but we soon relaxed once the game started. In the last minute, Calla scored but it bounced off the goal once it had gone over the line. Disappointingly, the referee didn’t see it but all the mums and dads did. It was too late the referee decided it wasn’t a goal, which left the score 0-0. As it was the final we were given a bonus 2 minutes to see if anyone would score however nobody did! We had a tough decision to make: share the cup or fight to win it. As we are so competitive and were confident in ourselves, we took the challenge to fight it out.  It was time for the dreaded penalties (sudden death). Calla took our first penalty but unfortunately didn’t score a goal. Luckily for us the other team didn’t score either. Our next penalties were taken by Poppy, Ruby and Sophie. They all didn’t score. It was down to our last penalty taken by Jolie who also didn’t score. But Swanmore did which meant they won. Even though we didn’t win we are all so proud of ourselves and pleased we came second out of 8 teams.

All of us loved this day so much; we would enjoy it just as much if we were to study at this fabulous university! 

By: Katie Callaghan, Lilly Wannell, Tom Matthews, Josh Hawke,

Stefano Barbieri and George Williams

Chichester University Trip

Chichester University picture1

On the 8th of January, some of the Upper School went to Chichester University (a university that specialises in sport). It was a privilege to go there and we all had an amazing time, as well as learning new skills.

At the university we found out what happens and how university works. For example, how you spend your first year in the university then you have to find your own house!  During the rest of the day we found out what you can do at university and how one our teachers, Mr Banham, learned how to teach sport.  By doing so we now know more about what happens at university when we potentially go when we are older.  Here is what we did and how much fun we had.

Our first activity that we participated in was bouldering – a type of climbing without a harness. Chris, our lecturer, helped us to experience bouldering on the inside climbing wall. We learnt lots of different skill such as the Egyptian, a move on your side, and the different holds like the jug and crib. At the end of the session we even made a human line on the wall – it didn’t last for long, everyone soon fell off!

After an adrenaline filled climbing session, we went on a tour around the university. We visited: the running tracks (where we had sprint races on); the football pitches (which the university plays with the rest of the country); the sports lab where players get their cardio-vascular system tested and to see if they are in form (Cristiano Ronaldo even did a test there!).

Then we came to the most exciting part of the day – handball! We were split into teams and played each other in the Dome –a sports facility – at this unique game (which is actually played in the Olympics). In fact, everybody loved it so much; we have been inspired to play it at our own school.

Sportshall Athletics

On Tuesday 28th January, We took part in our 1st ever indoor athletics events at Swanmore College.  It was a great experience and we were particularly strong in the throwing and jumping events.  Overall we came second and are looking forward to developing our skills for next year.

Cross Country

Cross Country

Well done to everyone who participated in the Swanmore District Schools cross country held at Swanmore College in February 2014.  Children from Year 3 to Year 6 ran in extremely muddy conditions and represented their school really well.  Congratulations (again) to the girls team who won!  A great achievement for all.

Tag Rugby Tournament Winchester

Tag Rugby

On Friday 28th February, we took part in the Winchester Schools Tag Rugby Tournament at Winchester Rugby Club.  Despite being new to this event, both our teams did brilliantly well and enjoyed the day.

Thankfully the rain held off but we still got thoroughly muddy.


Tag Rugby 25.02.14

Tag Rugby

Congratulations to the Tag Rugby team who won the Swanmore District Schools tournament on Tuesday 25th February 2014.

This was the first time this event has been held and we hope to continue developing Tag Rugby in the future.

Netball high 5 tournament


On Tuesday 11th March, Droxford took part in the Swanmore District Schools netball High 5 tournament.  It was a great afternoon full of high quality netball and great collaboration.

  Well done to both teams; the A Team came 2nd and the B Team won!


    Girls football 1 Wildern

Well done to our Girls’ football team for taking part in the Level 2 Games event at Wildern on Wednesday 19th March.  A superb effort by all!


Well done to our first ever Droxford Swim Team

for taking part in the English Primary Schools Swimming Relays on 6th March 2015.

 Primary Swimming relays 6.3.15

They all swam fantastically well and really enjoyed the experience.